Vacancy Update 01/26/2024

Wow there was a lot yesterday:

  • Color Library in place (Removed non-canonical color references)
  • Removed UE5 Lumen use, increase framerate by 15% or more.
  • Logo update, 3d Logo in main menu.
  • New Stats module for keeping track of player activities (i.e. Number of times Staff has been activated), should be the cornerstone of the questing system.
  • Altered the hotel 3d grid menu to use the original hotel layout with angled docks, this was altered for the 2d browser version, we are simply going back to the original canonical/triangular boards.
  • Added Mini-Ghosts worth 10 Miysst! Go find em!
  • Dread are finally Clothed! They also have awesome movement animations now.
  • Shadow now is more unique and changes colors per faction.
  • Fixed bug where staff upgrades didn’t show on the kiosk.

I hope to have a new versioned build out for play testing today!