Vacancy 05172024 Build

Major upgrade to the economy.

FREE-265 Store Media
FREE-276 FIX Weakness Room Actions
FREE-270 Remove Multiplayer Gateway
FREE-275 FIX No stars on Move
FREE-277 FIX Remove lame fish, put good fish.
FREE-254 New Website Graphics!
FREE-256 Start In Hotel rather than Innerspace (if appropriate)
FREE-260 Gateway back to Innerspace
FREE-262 New Nouns and Verbs: Neuron, Quest, Satisfied, Unsatisfied, Paid, Charged, Gifted, Purchased
FREE-279 Experience Points and Neurons!
FREE-230 Subject Verb Object for Snohe Accounting (way nicer)
FREE-255 Tech Tree purchase Neurons.
FREE-212 Snohe Vaults and Battery Storage

Go Get EM!