Vacancy 05102024 Build

Greetings Hotel Managers!
Today I am pleased to announce that our PRIVATE Playtest is now available on Steam!!!
Hit me up here on Discourse or on Discord and I’ll get you into the test. Don’t ask unless you are willing to put in some hours please.
Playtesting involves me giving you a FREE KEY on Steam just for the playtest. Once the store is up you

To get to this point took a bunch of builds and tweaks, here’s a partial list:
FIX: Start with camera fully zoomed.
FREE-252 Multiplayer now functional. Disabled TextureStreaming FREE-23 Now includes Options menu as well. Removed render focus. FIX: Small Hotel in Captain Selector. Emissive Scipraxian text.
FREE-252 Removes the old “Open World” map, trying to aliviate as many errors as I can. Still not sure why the hotel level seems tos tore in open world.
FREE-252 Clearing Out whatever I can to get as many warnings out as possible. Advertisment kiosk is dead, debris room is dead.
FREE-252 Using the Testgame APPID instead. Clearing a warning on the dock controller (legacy queue).
FIX: Action wheel was going the wrong way, no clue why. Turned off debug mode on NPC Objectives.
FREE-252 Touch materials on ghost room, observatory, and reception.
FIX: Redirectors for openworld map
FREE-73 Adding graphics to the splash.
FREE-73 Clearing more log warnings.
FREE-252 Retrostars Statue
FREE-73 Trying to clean all warnings if possible. Giving a “build target” actually did nothing.
FREE-252 New Observatory
FREE-252 New Bar
FREE-73 Steam Integration and Levels for Screenshots.
FREE-251 Generic Room
FREE-248, FREE-249 Ghost Type 1 has local wander again. Still need to consolidate ghosts to a generic base.
HOTFIX: Swapped CTRL and ALT for cursor and fly.HOTFIX: Flow button wouldn’t take a mouse click. Used a better pattern, other buttons should follow this method.