Vacancy 04232024 Build

A nice fresh new build is up for you.
A ton happened. The build completely failed, took me forever to figure out that it wasn’t my fault. Silly Unreal. So after being really unhappy, I moved the project into GIT finally, so now I have full takebackcies, I should have done it awhile ago but the LFS cost was worrisome. Fortunately Bitbucket will give me a gig for free, so that’s enough for now.
After the meltdown:
Added utility for array shift.
Added Vault, Captain, Teleport, Dock, and other TNames for sentence Icons.
Updated tech tree with new icon vocabulary and fixed async loader for cooked builds.
By popular demand added more Ghost Type 2.
Updated techtree loader, and added logger for purchases.
Super cool new Retrostars in the lobby, really fun.
Faction Bedrooms!!! All in enjoy!
New NPCObjectives! I replaced Unreal’s buggy SmartObjects with my own NPCObjective objects, and surprise surprise, mine works first time with none of Unreal’s lame crashes.
NPCObjectives for Reception (for pilots only), Embarkation, and generic objects throughout the ship.
Remember that Orbits only fill during shift 1, vacancy kicks in beginning of shift 2 only, and you can now spend Advertisement actions to draw orbits more times… do you spend it on campaigns or instant gratification?
We have a ton of new stuff headed in over the next few weeks, help us out and play test.