Vacancy 03072024

I’m not ready to release it to you yet, but very soon. I wanted to get all the latest additions noted, and then switch back to Jira for a big push to have a playable multiplayer version this month. So here’s the list of what we have added since the last patch:


  • Multiplayer.
  • Shift Sound (ding, ding ding, ding ding ding) you must be near a clock to hear it.
  • Main menu perspective.
  • New Shadow Commander Avatars.
  • Local gameplayer save for Avatar (your character follows you).
  • Commander flight toggle (fly or walk), speed will eventually depend on tech tree.
  • Vacancy Toggle Button (on bridge near captain).
  • Sentence logger (subject verb object).
  • Stats using the new logger.
  • All guest ship models w/ animations (common Animation Blueprint).
  • 2000 point tech tree.
  • New Innerspace which runs locally allowing you to use the Commander chooser, Hotel/Captain chooser, visit the TechTree and Xenorama.


  • Ghost hunter batteries.
  • Guest ship navigation is now boring but much lighter, it will do for now.

This is a very long list atm. Top priority is to flesh out a build I can give you to play.