HSH Manager FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This thread will contain a list of questions and answers. Feel free to reply with questions we should include, or answers we should be providing.

  • PC and Mac computer based game only?
    No. This game is designed for Google Chrome which has a version for most OSs including Mobile and Desktop.

  • Can I play on iPad and mobile?
    Yes. We would like feedback from all platforms, so please feel free to let us know how your experience was.

  • Do I need to play with live people at the same time?
    No. This is a turn-based game. Yes, you may play live, but you may also “play by mail” and have a game play out over days. However, make sure your friends want it to last that long, try not to keep your friends waiting too long. If you enable notifications, it should even ping your devices when it is your turn.

  • Are there Alliances and Clans?
    Interesting. Not at this time, however because of this question we have added a ticket to the backlog to create permanent “groups.”

  • Are there a minimum number of people needed to be effective?
    Casual games are 1-6 players with optional AI players. Ranked games are 2-6 players with no AI players included (and will soon have turn timers). Ranked games will be the foundation for our seasonal ladders. Casual games are aggregated separately from Ranked games.

  • Will you be opening this up to any people that are online, matching them up for quick games?
    The Looking For Group checkbox is currently available. The “Quick Play” button on the Main and Play menus are not currently activated for everyone because we are not quite done with it, but yes, absolutely. We will be generating a larger playerbase over the coming months which will make a quick matchmaking system very important.

  • Will my Starlink handle the bandwidth? Absolutely. The bandwidth is extremely small. When you login a streaming socket is connected and anytime you or another player in your game does something, a very small package of only a few hundred bytes is sent to each player showing what has been done.

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