Setup Phase

Setup Phase

Ghost Wave
The First Player makes a Ghost Fate selection. If any Ghosts are selected then all Players must place that number of Ghosts on Dock(s) of their choice if they have room to do so. Ghost Fate is doubled for Players with 10 Snohe or more.

Two cards are drawn from the Guest Deck and the First Player selects one Guest that will appear in the first spot of the River the other Guest is Burned removing them from the game.

Guest move Orbits
Any Guests remaining from previous rounds are moved two orbits to the right. Any Guests in orbits 5 or 6 are now burned, removing them from the game.

New Guests Appear
Starting on the left all inner orbits are filled with Guests from the Guest Deck. Once all inner orbits are full Guests are added to outer Orbits from left to right. The number of Guests added is equal to twice the number of players. If their is not enough cards in the Deck to supply the new Guests the game ends immediately. Player(s) with the highest score wins.

The Game then moves to the Action Phase.