Guest Phase

Starting with the First Player then going clockwise each Player scores their Guests. If a player reaches a score of 24 Snohe or higher they win instantly. After all players are scored the First Player title is passed clockwise to another player. A new Setup Phase then begins.

Score Each Player
First Ghost drain the player’s Vault then Satisfied Guest are scored. For a Guest to be satisfied the Player’s Hotel must have the Lodging the Guest requires. A guest Lodging requirement is found in the upper left corner to their Guest card. All Guest except for Pirates also requires a Staffed Bed.

Ghost Effects

  • Subtract the 1 Snohe per fully haunted (2 Ghosts) Dock on a Player’s Hotel.

Score Satisfied Guests
Each Guest pays:

  • 1 Snohe for staying at the Hotel
  • 1 Snohe for a Bed Matching their Faction
  • 1 Snohe per Upgraded Lodging matching their Faction
  • 1 Snohe per unmatching Staffed Amenity
  • 2 Snohe per matching Staffed Amenity