Ghost Action

Ghost Actions

Taking a Ghost Action causes the Player to make a Ghost Fate choice. The Ghost Fate pool the player chooses from contains a randomly scrambled set of the following:

  • 6 Empty Fates
  • 14 single Ghost Fates
  • 6 Double Ghost Fates

Once the Player has picked their Fate they are given the option to sell Robots to alter their Fate. For each Robot the Player Sells their Ghost Fate is increased by 1.

The Player then Locks in their Ghost Fate by hitting the Next Button then the Player targets a Player to be affected by their Ghost Action.

If the Player Targets themselves then they remove Ghosts equal to the Ghost Fate number.

If the Player Targets another Player then the Targeted Player must add Ghosts to their docks equal to the number of Ghost Fate.

When a Player is directed to add a Ghosts they add them to any of the 4 Docks on their station. Ghosts displace Guests. Displaced Guests are immediately discarded. Docks can hold up to two Ghosts. If a Ghost is in a Docking spot, most Guests will not Dock there during the Action Phase. Docks with 2 Ghosts subtract 1 Snohe during the Guest Phase.

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