Advertising Action

Players can Advertise to to the Top Guest in any Orbit. Once a Guest is advertised to the player may Discard or Direct the Guest.

To Discard a Guest click on the Guest in Orbit a second time. Discarded Vanguards, Pirates, and Seekers attack immediately if Discarded.

If the Guest is a Vanguard, Pirate, or Seeker they will need to told witch Station to go to by clicking a target Hotel in the targeting area.
Targeting another Player’s Hotel costs 1 Snohe is only possible if they have Docks capable of receiving that Guest.
Contacting a Normal Guest or targeting your own Station with Vanguard, Pirate, or Seeker will prompt the Player to choose which dock that Guest should use.

Note* If a Guest is advertised to they are eventually discarded and may be reshuffled into the Guest deck and reappear later.

Players may also use an Advertising Action on an empty Lower Orbit space to make a Guest from the Guest Deck appear in that space.

Note* If their is no Guest in the Guest deck to be placed in orbit then the game ends immediately.