Actions Explained

Action Hex
During the Action Phase each Player takes Action by rotating and then locking the Action Hex. The Action Hex can be rotated to activate two different Actions or activate one Action twice.

Activating an Action gives the Player one of that type of action. Using Robots to Activate the matching Action Room on the Player’s Station gives one additional action per activation for normal Action rooms and two additional Actions for Upgraded Action Rooms. If a player dose not want to take all the Actions they generated they may skip them by ending their turn with the Next button. Any normal Actions skipped in this way are lost.

Action Types
The six Action Types are:

Faction Actions
Their are six Faction Actions one for each type of Action. Faction Actions are earned by satisfying Guests in the Guest Phase. A satisfied Guest will give a Faction Action matching their Faction’s Strength if one is available. Faction Actions work like normal Actions but will persist between Rounds.
Their is only one of each Faction Action so if a Player has a Renovation Faction Action other Players will not be able to earn that Faction Action. Once a Faction Action is used it goes back into the Faction Action Pool and may be earned again.

Each Faction Earns the following Faction Action:
Deep- Research
Stem- Lodging
Hex- Robot
Dread- Renovation
Honored- Advertisement
Seed- Ghost